Robot Studio functions

  • Hi.

    Has anyone experience with Robot Studio?
    I have on offer for robot studio licenses.

    Mainly I need the Robot Studio lincense and a Cad pack for (Solid Edge).
    This what I definitely need :)
    This is aprroximately €2000 (per year).

    There is also an Arc welding package, do you know, what this Arc welding package contains?

    Mainly I'd use Robot studio for simulations of Arc welding cells (now we have one cell, and we're planning to buy another one), besides of other programming funcions that are only available with Robot studio.
    I would like to "reduce" the price, because it would be easier to convince my boss we need this software, and we should buy it, if the price is lower...
    I'd not like to make offline programs, so I think the Arc welding package it not really necessary for my application.
    I have welding torches in 3D format (or I can get it from the power source manufacturer), according to my experience (gained in RoboDK trial version), I can import these torches into the Robot Studio, and handle it as a tool...
    So after that, I can already simulate any movement and welding process without the welding package.
    Am I right?
    Of course, in the simulation, it wold be only a movement, not welding...
    The welding package is further €1400 (per year).
    Usually the important thing is for me to determine the real cycle time, when I simulate a process.
    It was partially falied with RoboDK...
    It was surely better with the ABB's own software.

    Another question.
    Is it possible to handle external I/O signals in a Robot studio simulation?
    For example external PLC signals of a welding fixture (sensors, pneumatic actuators etc).
    Do anybody has experience with this?

    I know, it is possible in Siemens's Process simulate, but it's much more expensive than Robot studio... :)
    This function would not be essential for me, but it is good to know, what are the possibilities in the future?

  • Accordint to this, my theory is right...

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  • Thank You for your comments.
    Is this fuction an option that I should buy, or it comes with the basic robot studio license?

    And what do you think, can I program arc welding offline, without the ArcWelding power pack, with the method I described above?

    Import welding torch neck from CAD data, and use it as tool (weldgun)...

  • And what do you think, can I program arc welding offline, without the ArcWelding power pack, with the method I described above?

    I'm going to sound like an ABB sales man (which I'm not), but the productivity gains you get from using AW Power Pac would easily pay for itself v.s. using standard RS.

    Personally I would never even attempt to program AW without it.

    That said, it all boils down to how much you think you'd use it, if it's one per year then there might be an argument for not getting it but even if you're only doing one program / simulation per month I'd say get it because it does give you so many great features compared to plain RS.

    For example, with AWPP, one straight weld is basically three clicks (start point, end point, reference plane) and it does everything else for you, approach point, start, end & departure, torch angles, etc. and it shouldn't take you more than 2min to do.
    In plain RS... four targets, multiple offsets and adjustments (and I don't even remember if you can get AV instructions as default or if you have to program MoveL/C and edit in text/rapid to AW instructions), probably looking at 5-10 min.

    So, yeah, get AWPP, you will not regret it.

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