Safe variable in program

  • Can anyone please tell what or where is safe variables can be read?

    For Eg,

    Safe monitoring space 1 is active or not= Variable name? So that I can use it in program
    is safety is enabled= Variable name? So that I can use it in program

    I am sending the status to PLC through profisafe and he is reading the standard safety bytes order.

    But I need to use it in robot program.

    Thanks in advance :merci:

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  • see section 9 of your safe operation documentation (assuming you have safe operation 3.2):

    $SR_ACTIVETOOL Number of the active safe tool
    $SR_AXISSPEED_OK Reduced axis acceleration exceeded
    $SR_CARTSPEED_OK Cartesian velocity exceeded
    $SR_DRIVES_ENABLE Enabling of the drives by the safety controller
    $SR_MOVE_ENABLE Enabling by the safety controller
    $SR_RANGE_ACTIVE[1] ... $SR_RANGE_ACTIVE[16] Active workspaces
    $SR_RANGE_OK[1] ... $SR_RANGE_OK[16] Workspace vioaltion state
    $SR_SAFEMON_ACTIVE State of safe monitoring
    $SR_SAFEOPSTOP_OK Violation of an externally activated operational stop
    $SR_SAFEREDSPEED_ACTIVE State of the monitoring of the reduced velocity


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