IRC5 Searching for a robot controller system

  • Hello,

    During booting phase, IRB 460 robot shows message "Searching for a robot controller system" and cannot complete booting procedure.
    Now, I would like to create new system (using RobotStudio) from backup, connect robot with my computer by LAN and stop booting procedure (I forgot which key sequence I should press - could you please advise!), then perform C-Start and afterwards download new system to the robot. If robot start's without faults, I'll perform restore from backup and robot can run on.
    I know that some old IRC5 controller prefers RS 232 connection but I hope that IRB460 year 2012 accept LAN as well.
    Also, key sequence on computer's keyboard is important to choose booting device, therefore I really need help to find out proper one.
    Any other suggestion is welcome.

    TNX/ Schelle

  • shutdown Controller
    push stop + programmable button 1
    power up Controller and stay push this Buttons till write something red then release

    after that try to do with same Action but use programmable button 4


    if this Actions are not success try to use another pendant and also if it is does not work replace your Flashdisk and if it is not work replace
    main Computer

  • In order to do a B-Start (Robotware 5 language, in Robotware 6 language it's call "Revert to last auto saved"), go to the restart menu from the top left menu. Then press Revert to last auto saved and then "Next". Follow any directions that come up and the robot will reboot.

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