tool calibration using hand guiding?

  • I'm currently prototyping different tool holders and adapter to evaluate performance of different geometries, but I'm finding the tool calibration part to be a bit time consuming.

    So I'm wondering if it's possible to to calibrate a tool on the iiwa using hand guiding, ie, pull the robot to the calibration point instead of using the HMI.
    as far as i can tell it's not possible by default, so it'll probably be something like:
    handguiding->save 4 position-> external calculation of XYZABC -> input XYZABC into workbench

    if anyone have any thoughts on this, please feel free to share your thoughts.


  • Are you talking about TCP calibration?

    You can definitely design and implement your own calibration application with hand-guide but that will certainly take some time and expertise.

    Try to be efficient picking the 4 different poses you need for the tcp calibration method.

    My approach is to place the TCP above the calibration target/point and apply a 10-20 degrees rotation about one axis, save the frame, come back to the previous position, and now apply a rotation on a different axis, save frame, and so on.

    This should shortened the time it takes to get four different frames that are different enough for the calibration software to work.

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