Handguiding without enabling switch pressed

  • Hello everyone

    I am working with an LBR iiwa 14R820 (media Flange touch pneumatics)

    I am trying to figure out if there is a way to use Handguiding without having to keep the enabling switch pressed (white button on the flange).
    Is there a way to achieve this by modifying some security configuration or maybe something else ?

    Thanks in advance

  • This is how I implement hand guiding without the trigger.

    I'm away from the machine so I dont have the code, but basically:

    Enter impedance mode
    Start recording the current position to an array every 300ms or so
    Assign a button/create a dialog to exit/stop hand guiding,
    Then use a button/dialog to call the array to repeat the motion.

    This'll only work in auto, and it records all the pauses between movement.

  • For safety reasons there is no way enter hand-guide mode, which is the ability to freely move any joint to any angle within its range of motion, without pressing the enabling switch.

    That being said, you can use impedance mode with low stiffness and damping parameters to "freely" move the robot. Unlike true hand-guide mode, this method wont allow you to move anywhere in robot space.


    Under impedance mode, the end-effector acts as a spring. If the tool load data hasn't been entered, the motion of the robot WILL become unpredictable.

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