Anybus X-Gateway Ethercat Slave Cannot be started.

  • Hello,

    Controller: KRC 4 Compact
    Robot: KR6 R900 Sixx (C4SR FLR)
    KSS version: 8.3.28

    I want to set upp the communication between the Gateway and the robot. I got ESi file (device description file) for ethercat from Anybus with PDO's included. Installed it to the WoV and Added the Anybus Gateway Slave under the Extension bus (SYS-X44) in the WoV project tree. Network cable from Gateway is connected to X65 on the controller.

    In the Config>Inputs/Outputs>I/O Drivers the Ethercar I/O SYS-X44's state is grey...

    Mapped some I/Os and deployed and restarted it with reloading files, before after the restart got two Error messages poping up.

    KSS13080: SYS-X44 Ethercat Device - Anybus X-gateway - Slave cannot be started.
    KSS00099: Error on reading/writing: SYS-X44

    I know there is a comunication error between robot and the gateway but i have no other ideas on what the cause could be.

    Any help or advise on how I could fix this problem?

    Kind regards

    Kind Regards<br /><br />ApacheKaplan21

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  • Is the Anybus Gateway a whitelisted device in KUKA's ECat devices list?

    The last time I used an Anybus product, it turned out I also had to buy AnyBus's software to configure the Gateway before it would communicate. That was for a DeviceNet/Profinet bridge, but I suspect Anybus uses the same basic model across their product line.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have no idea to be honest, this is the first time configuring a Communication between KUKA and Anybus Gateway.

    Where can I check if its whitelisted in the KUKA's ECat device list?

    Kind Regards<br /><br />ApacheKaplan21

  • Hello,

    Skyfire: Yes I have already done that, waiting for a reply from KUKA Support.

    Panic mode: I want to exchange data to a PC Master in our project, where the PC is sending out different tasks to the robot. But in this case the robot itself is a master. And we need realtime communication between PC and Robot to secure that the information that is sent between these two are sent and recieved at a specific time.. and because pc is using modbus tcp as protocol and robot ethercat.

    Kind Regards<br /><br />ApacheKaplan21

  • Hello ApacheKaplan21,

    Have you solved the problem?

    We have a similar problem.

    using KRC4 controller with Iontech robot, KSS8.6

    trying to connect laserhead controller with ANYbus ( AB7311 Can-Ethercat communicator)

    the equipment supplier sent the attached xml file ( is not including PDO's) and we can not connect.

    Does Kuka require PDO definition in the xml files?

    ( ın the same robot we can connect to other ethercat devices without problem)

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