Irb6400 m99 cold boot woes

  • Hi, i have just started to commission 4 irb6400 m99 units, all had been standing and had errors. I have cold booted 3 so far, one has been successful but the other 2 error 39111 wrong type found dc-link dsqc 345d found dsqc 345e expected .i assume however they were working before, anyone know the difference between 345d and e?

    Many thanks in advance

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  • Is this an IRB6400R which uses the DC4 (DSQC345E) or is it an IRB6400PE which uses the DC3 (DSQC345D)?
    The DC3 rectifier uses a higher 3-ph input voltage at 430VAC. It's found in 6400PE, 640, 840, and custom gantry systems.
    The DC4 rectifier uses the more common 3-ph 262VAC input that was standard since the IRB6000.

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