Cobotta Calset Concern

  • Hi,

    Good Day!

    Right now, we are setting up the Cobotta Robot.
    Can I ask if there are solutions to retain the Calset Data that was used before teaching the robot?
    Thus, I will not always make Calset Operation every start up/power on of Cobotta.

    Everytime I shutdown and Power ON the Robot, there's a pop-up that I need to make Calset.
    After the Calset, when I checked the saved programs, the positions were all offset.

    Thank you in advance for helping me.

    Best regards,


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  • Hi Randz113

    Good day sir,

    I'm working with Denso Thailand. Unfortunately, Cobotta cannot memorize the encoder value once you turn it off.

    Please proceed calset every time you turn on the robot as it is written in the manual



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