How to modify Position Variable

  • Hello all, I've got some Nachi experience and am muddling my way through Kawasaki right now, I have a Series E Controller with programs wrote in AS Language. I have a line that reads "POINT lsd=lsd_def" and I believe that to mean that we are making the Position Variable "lsd" equal to that of a real point, "lsd_def". I need to change this point and I have searched through all of the robot programs and I can't seem to find "lsd_def" anywhere. Is there a specific location that all Position Variables are stored? Can I just create a LMOVE lsd_def and then modify the point there and then delete it? Any and all help is appreciated.

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  • Hello, lsd_def is the name of the point.

    Type in the terminal or in the keyboard menu list /l lsd_def (location), it will return you the transformation coordinates of the point.

    POINT lsd = lsd_def means that a new point lsd is created having the transformation coordinates of the lsd_def point (location).

    The robot can move to the lsd_def point as you wrote with LMOVE function, i would do it in CHECK mode. Or if the robot can reach the point without hitting any obstable you can do it in repeat mode having the motor and cycle on by typing in the terminal

    DO LMOVE lsd_def

    You can save the location of the point again having the same name:

    HERE lsd_def

  • Welcome to the forum............. :beerchug:

    I agree with Alexandru........... :top:

    In the robot, when AS is used, conventionally it uses variables and Kawasaki contains user registers.
    These user registers sit at the very end of a full file save (I recommend to do a full file save and have a look over it).

    The switches used to view these registers are below:
    /P is for Program code
    /l is for Location variables.....either transformation values or joint angles/precision points.
    /r is for Real number variables
    /s is for String message variables

    Definitely have a read over the AS Manual to get some further details..........Section 5 I think.....

    If the LIST/L still does not yield a defined variable, it may be that it has not been typed in correctly.
    In the past, I have had something similar where 'l' was actually a '1'....easy to do and caused me a good 30mins to discover.... :wallbash:

    You could type in:
    POINT lsd_def and hit enter.
    If that location exists, it will display the values and ask you to change.
    If that location does not exist, it will create it and load in null (0) values.
    I do not recommend this method of a way of searching as you could unintentionally change the location, so only use it if you intend to change it.

    Anytime you come across ANY command line that includes a single '=' sign, just remember:
    - Data on the right hand side is being copied to the left hand side.

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