Disturbance Torque as a Register

  • Hello,

    I am trying to figure out if there is a way that I can use the disturbance torque values as a value I can use in a teach pendant program.

    Essentially, we are welding with the robot and it has an auto reamer to clean the nozzle after welding. After so many cycles the nozzle gets hung up in the reamer due to slag on the nozzle and alarms out due to excess disturbance.

    Instead of using a cycle counter, I was wondering if there was a way that when the disturbance torque gets to a certain value, it stops the reaming process and goes into a nozzle change process. This way I can try to maximize the life of the nozzle. Which we do already coat, and spray each nozzle to prolong the life.

    The help I need is how to use read the disturbance torque value as a value a teach pendant program can use, or something similar.

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  • Dear Versino4

    i have same problem with you before, i handle Fanuc robot M3iA/6S, this robot always have joint limit excess due to the robot link joint is beyond the limit, but finally i found some solution.

    When the joint between parallel link almost touch the limit i decrease the speed of the robot so the robot can free from alarm by monitoring the limit in parameter to the Register.

    in your case i suggest you to do this step

    - Make a TP program

    - inside the TP program make this logical parameter (it is just an example) :

    R [100 ] = $MOR_GRP[1].$CUR_TORQUE[1]

    - Make this TP program become a background logic program and running in High mode.

    - Register 100 will display Torque of J1 all the time, the rest of the logical can you expand as your needed.

    cheers :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

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