Problem while doing EMT (re)mastering of a turntable (E2)

  • Hello,

    I am working on a :

    - KR500-2-MT with KRC2 ed2005 / KSS 5.6
    - a linear unit (E1)
    - a simple turntable (E2)

    Today I successfully remastered A1-A6 and E1 doing the EMT mastering procedure. Unfortunately, it does not work with the turntable : the mastering gauge passes through the V-notch correctly, the green leds go on/off correctly and in correct order but the process does not stop has it should just after passing the bottom of the V-notch. Unless, it goes on until the HMI says that the limit for mastering has been reached.

    I have no ideas why I encounter this problem and how It could be solved. The notch looks fine. The EMT is working fine on the others axis. Any help/tips would be appreciate.

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  • Any history on this turntable, how well it Mastered before? Is this a KUKA-made turntable, or 3rd party?

    The most likely reasons for a Mastering failure are mechanical. You could try reducing $VEL_AX_JUS[8] to slow down the mastering motion for E2. Also check how well the gauge notch is perpendicular to the motion of the EMT pin -- a very small rotation there can cause this kind of error.

    Also, try poking the gauge pin in with something plastic and feel the behavior of the pin while someone slowly (1-3%) jogs E2 past the mastering position. You should feel a sharp, crisp transition between downward and upward motion at the bottom of the notch. Any "lag" at the bottom of the notch will cause the kind of error you're describing.

  • Ok, I was thinking that this robot was equipped with a single RDC because it has 8 axis. But in fact it has 2 RDCs, one for the robot + linear unit, and one for the table.

    I've found the box inside the table and managed to achieve the EMT calibration properly this morning.
    Thank you for your valuable help.

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