KRC4 and Profinet (Siemens PLC) communication setup

  • Dear Reader,

    First of all the specs of the components I'm using:

    Robot: KUKA Quantec KR90 R3100 extra HA
    Lineair track: KL2000
    Controller: KRC4
    Firmware version: v.8.3.30
    Workvisual version: 5.0
    Profinet: KRC Nexxt 3.2.4

    TIA Portal: V14 SP1
    CPU: ET200SP (6ES7 510-1SJ01-0AB0)
    Fail-Safe DI-modules: F-DI 6x24 VDC HF (6ES7 136-6BA00-0CA0)*
    F-DI 6x24 VDC HF (6ES7 136-6BA00-0CA0)*
    DI-modules: DI 8x24 VDC ST (6ES7 131-6BF01-0BA0)
    DI 16x24 VDC ST (6ES7 131-6BH01-0BA0)
    DI 16x24 VDC ST (6ES7 131-6BH01-0BA0)
    DQ-modules: DQ 8x24 VDC/0.5A ST (6ES7 132-6BF01-0BA0)
    DQ 8x24 VDC/0.5A ST (6ES7 132-6BF01-0BA0)

    *In first case: not connected

    I'm struggling with setting up profinet. First of all, I only want to send normal ID using profinet. For example, a button to start a robot program.

    In the first instance, I still want to have safety run via the KRC (X11). If the communication between the Siemens PLC and the KRC has been successful, I also want to control the safety by the PLC (ProfiSafe).

    The steps I have followed so far:


    1. Workvisual: import device configuration from KRC4 by using ethernet cable (laptop -> KRC)

    2. Added bus structure "Profinet" from DTM catalog.

    3. Profinet configuration:
    Device name: krc4
    Activate device stack: Yes
    number Safe IO: 0
    number IO: 256
    compatibility mode: KRC-Profinet 3.2
    Display alarm: Yes
    Transmit alarm: Yes

    4. KUKA K.O.P. KRC nexxt (v.3.2.0) imported into Workvisual

    TIA Portal:

    1. Import GSDML file from workvisual library into 'Network and devices'

    2. Setup the F-CPU with the normal IO-cards. (I haven't added the safety cards yet)

    3.(*not done yet) I think there should be program blocks in TIA portal when the KRC send Digital Output by profinet, the PLC get these Output and make the act as programmed (for example: blink a LED)

    Now i'm wondering how I do the IO mapping.
    Do I have to do the IO mapping in only TIA portal, or only in Workvisual, or both in TIA portal and Workvisual?

    Furthermore, I am curious if only importing Profinet from the DTM catalog is sufficient, or should I also import the I / O cards that I used in the TIA portal (no idea if this is available / possible)

    Do I also have to import a GSD file from the PLC with corresponding configuration into Workvisual?

    I hope that the story is clear and that someone can help me further, so that I can let the robot communicate with the PLC to control IO.

    I hope that I have met all the conditions for this forum. I have read the 'Read first'-file. I hope this topic is in the right place in this forum.

    Thanks in advance and I hope someone can help me further.

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  • First: You cannot have both ProfiSafe and X11 safety on the same KRC4. It's one XOR the other. Which option was the robot ordered with?

    Second: For the robot to act as a ProfiNet Slave device, your steps look correct. As long as the settings (I/O size, Device Name, IP address) match on both the KRC4 and PLC configurations, this should work.

    Third: Yes, you will have to carry out mapping in the KRC4. The KRC is designed to support multiple FieldBus connections at the same time. To support this, the robot has a "flat" internal I/O table of (usually) 4096 Inputs and Outputs, accessed from within a KRL program as the system array variables $IN[xxx] and $OUT[xxx]. In WorkVisual, once you have configured the robot as a ProfiNet device, you will need to map your 256 ProfiNet inputs and outputs to a contiguous range of $INs and $OUTs. You could choose $IN[1]-$IN[256], or $IN[1001]-$IN[1256], or any block of 256 bits in size. Ditto for the $OUTs.

  • SkyeFire thanks for the quick reply!

    We use X11 now for the safety. But in the future we will remove the safety on the X11 and use Profisafe. Now, I want to use Profinet for normal IO and the safety by X11.

    I wonder if only importing the Profinet device into the bus structure is sufficient in the project structure, or should I add IO cards / PLC from siemens here under profinet.

    I cannot change anything in the IO mapping. If I want to create / change Inputs and Outputs, do I have to do this with the smartpad and in the PLC?

    Thanks in advance

  • if you are using X11 for Safety and PLC is ProfiNEt master, your KRC side setup is correct, except you need to map I/O in WorkVisual.

    you do not need PLC's GSDML in WorkVisual. PLC is master and only master need to be aware of it's slaves.

    you can change EVERYTHING in IO mapping. WoV IO map allows you to connect point by point any way you like. your programs use I/O. Filedbus delivers signals from remote nodes. I/O mapping arranges which bit from the fieldbus message is connected to what I/O that your programs use. Without mapping, fieldbus is like a ghost train - it runs but nobody gets on/off board.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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  • thanks for your quick response Panic mode. Some things have become clear to me again. I hope I can get started with this information.
    For now I want to thank you! :)

  • hi,
    I can't figure it out yet. I have added various images about the settings in both workvisual and TIA Portal.

    At first I only added the profinet node but if I was connected to profinet in workvisual, and I went to 'functions -> devices and .. ...' then I could see the plc, but the configuration does not match so there will be no green check mark but a gray box.
    That is why the devices have been added under the profinet node.

    I don't know if this is the right choice if the plc is to be a master.

  • Wait, what? Is the robot the master, or the PLC?

    If the robot is a slave to the PLC, you do NOT put the GSD of the PLC into your hardware tree -- you would ONLY have the KRC4 Profinet Device interface. As a slave, the robot would not need to know anything about the PLC's IP address, PN name, etc -- only the PLC would need to know those details about the robot.

  • Also u dont need extra GSDML file for KRC4 Profinet.Just use the Profinet Interface and activate the Device Stack if you want to use it as a slave for the PLC.

  • thanks for the answers.
    The project is running now, but not with the configurations showed in the pictures.

    I deleted the Profinet IO devices belof the Profinet.
    After that I mapped the (normal) IO of the KRC to profinet.
    So IN[1] ... IN[256] to the 256 bits of the profinet inputs and OUT[1] ... OUT[256] to profinet outputs.
    After that I uploaded the WoV file to the KRC. Activated the new safety configuration on the smartpad and set my PLC to 'Run'.
    (PLC connected to X66)

    It worked !! Thanks for your time and answers. :applaus: :icon_smile:

  • Hi Guys, i am solving kinda similar problem right now.


    Robot: KUKA KR 10 R1100-2

    Controller: KRC4

    Firmware version: v.8.5.7

    Workvisual version: 6.0

    Profinet: KRC 4 Profinet 4.1

    Option Packages: Diagnosis Safetyy v3.0.0

    SafeOperations 3.4.6

    KUKA PROFINET S (V4.1.2)*

    *KUKA PROFINET S (V4.1.2) - in the original project which was in robot controler there was KUKA PROFINET MS (V4.1.2) but when i downloaded option packages from controler it downloaded KUKA PROFINET S (V4.1.2) so i delete the MS version and replaced it with only S version


    TIA Portal: V13 sp2

    CPU: 315F-2PN/DP

    Fail-Safe DI-modules: F-DI 24x24 VDC HF

    Fail-Safe DO-modules: F-DO 8x24 VDC 2A HF




    So i setted up communication between plc and robot via profinet without problem.

    Tested communication between plc and robots with safety inputs and outputs and i had no problem.

    But now i need to send and receive common inputs and outputs of profinet in order to use automatic external and i cannot send or receive bits to or from plc .

    I mapped some of the common inputs of profinet to digital inputs of krc and nothing .

    Can I monitor pofinet communication in workvisual ? just to acknowledge there is no problem in remapping?

    Isn´t there some problem in devices setting?

  • Solved, problem was on siemens side. Older cpu's has option " size of the process image input". Basic setting is 380.

    My common input output was set from 400...431.

    Upgraded setting to 450 and everything is working now like a swiss.... car.

  • Hello antonin can you share more pictures about your configuration I have the same problem . my configuration is similar like your configuration


    Robot: KUKA KR 6 R900-2

    Controller: KRC4

    Firmware version: v.8.5.7

    Workvisual version: 5.0

    Profinet: KRC 4 Profinet 4.1

    Option Packages: Diagnosis Safetyy v3.0.0

    SafeOperations 3.4.6

    KUKA PROFINET M/S (V4.1.2)


    TIA Portal: V15 sp1

    CPU: 31513F-1PN



    kind regards

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  • Hello,

    my set up is as follows:

    KUKA KRC-5 micro - 8.7.5 robot controller with Profinet Slave package.

    Profinet Master is Siemens S71500 PLC.

    From the Work Visual v6 screenshot below you can see in the "PROFINET - Device list and PROFINET names" tab showing a Touch screen, PLC and KRC5 controller.

    Only the Robot shows up in the topology view. Any idea why?

    -thanks in advance.

  • From the Work Visual v6 screenshot below you can see in the "PROFINET - Device list and PROFINET names" tab showing a Touch screen, PLC and KRC5 controller.

    Only the Robot shows up in the topology view. Any idea why?

    Because the robot knows nothing about the overall PN network. It only knows itself, so that's all it shows.

    The tree would only show more topology if the KRC had the PN Master option installed and configured. Then, the tree would show the PN Slave devices that KRC has control over.

  • Thank you for the clarification. Much appreciated. Oddly at some point I did see the HMI in the Topology thus leading me down the garden path. I shall put it down to a glitch in the Matrix.

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