R30ib Plus > S71200 PLC >TIA v15 Profinet communication setup procedure.

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm in desperate need of some help from some people who have set up comms between a R30ib Plus robot controller and an s71200 PLC using TIA portal v15.

    I was testing the configuration yesterday and I couldn't get the robot to connect to the PLC. I could see it on the list of accessible devices and I was able to do an online detection of the hardware which finished successfully. However even after setting the IP address of the robot controller in TIA as well as the profinet name it was still throwing an error.

    The GSD file I was using is GSDML-V2.3-Fanuc-A05B2600R834V830-20140601. I have seen in other threads that I should be using v2.33?

    I really am lost on how to setup this connection.

    I have setup other Profinet IO Devices and none were this complicated. I simply had to install the GSD file, find the device in accessible devices and assign them a IP address as well as a profinet name. Then I would either manually add the hardware config or detect it automatically.

    I have the profinet I/O manual but its quite convoluted (130 Pages for a simple connection??). Do I still nedd to create a hardware config and upload it to the profinet card?

    I am also not sure why, but we recieved the card as shown in the attached pic. It doesn't seem to be an original siemens product but I can trace it back to a MOLEX website. Is the setup for this card different? or the GSD file different?

    On the robot TP side, do I need to detect devices and add configured devices? What is the setup procedure on that side of things?

    Another thing, There are 4 RJ45 plugs on the card, which one should I be using? depending where I plug it in obviously shows up either channel 1 or channel 2 when searching accessible devices.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Hello;

    If you are using Siemens card on Rj3iB Plus controller you must be follow Profinet Gen II manual. You can't use legacy GSDML file because generation 2 using as I-Device. The procedure explained in manual. Theorically you are prepare GSDML file with TIA portal, download configuration to card and use self prepared GSDML in CPU configuration. I guess Molex card configuration is different but I don't know how to do.

    Note: J709 PROFINET I/O G2 can’t coexist with options J930 PROFINET I/O or R834 Dual Chan. Profinet (Molex Variant).

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  • Thanks for that info. That's the thing, I don't know which is gen 2 and which isn't.

    There is a method in the manual where you have to use a program called profinet configuration tool to carry out a setup procedure on the profinet card on the robot. I basically want to know if this is necessary or not? Or do you think that my GSD file was simply the incorrect version for this card?

    Thats another thing, I don't know how to create a hardware config using TIA portal v15. Has anyone done this that can talk me through it? Including how to download it to the robot card if this is even possible?

  • Your card seems Molex variant. Forget TIA portal configuration for GSD. It is only for Siemens cards.

    1- Do you have Dual Channel Profinet option on robot ( R834) ?
    2- Do you have manual for Dual Channel Profinet ?

    If answers is No for both, please contact your local Fanuc dealer and get it.

    On PC, You will need a software com Molex/Brad Communications called PFN-CT (ProfiNet Configuration Tool). This software comes bundled inside the robot option folder.


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  • 1) It defintely is a dual channel card as I remember seeing channel 1 and channel 2 when viewing the Profinet I/O on the robot TP.
    Is there any other way to verify on the robot TP what card is installed and what software option is installed (I'm assuming R834 is a software version?)

    I think that is where the confusion arises. I think I do indeed have the Molex variant.

    2) I did get the Profinet configuration tool from Fanuc as well as this GSD file - GSDML-V2.3-Fanuc-A05B2600R834V830-20140601.
    I am not sure if this is the correct GSD file for this card though? and our Fanuc agents weren't even sure themselves.
    I would imagine that the GSD file I use is still quite important. With that said when I did the Hardware detection from TIA portal, it did seem to correctly identify the card that we we using 16 bytes out and 16 bytes in.

    I have tried to follow the steps as listed in the profinet IO manaul for setting up the card using the Profinet configuration tool, but when searching for the available hardware in one of the steps, all I could see was my own Laptops IP address and not the card. Do you think it could have been blocked by the windows firewall? I am running windows 10. Unfortunately my Firewall is controlled by our sys admin and I couldn't check if this was the case.

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