Pulsing issues

  • Today I ran a program with the normal weld schedules that I use, but the arc did something very odd and I haven't been able to figure it out completely.
    About a quarter of the way around a 1" circular weld, the arc decides to stop pulsing regardless of the 6Hz its being told to pulse at via the weld schedule.. As the arc crosses back over the start of the weld( where the weld schedule changes), it is supposed to change pulse rate(only a little), foreground and backround amps, and it starts tracking/tailing off through the last few weld schedules. It did NOT change the pulse rate though, so Im kinda confused.

    Would it stop pulsing the arc if it's tracking voltage suddenly drops from around 10.5V to 3.8V to maintain a certain value somewhere? When I toggle tracking OFF all the way around the weld, except for the tail off, it still does the same thing. Starts with a pulse, and then stops pulsing a little less than a quarter of the weld through and holds the highest amperage value its allowed to go to all the way around to the end.

    In the past, I have rerouted my voltage sensing wire to get the same voltage feedback that I get with the other exact same robot we have. I dont think that has to do with my issue now, but it DID make me more aware of how sensitive the voltage feedback sensors are.

    If anybody has dealt with this kind of issue or a similar one, any help would be much appreciated! Forgive me for not being more educated on the subject :icon_frown:

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