Servo / Collective Break Errors

  • Hi y'all,

    I'm having errors on a KUKA KR10 (Agilus). When trying to jog the robot, only axis one moves a few degrees and the errors all arise. I've checked connectors, there doesn't seem to be a problem at the base (nothing pinched, burned, etc.)

    Errors : Collective break error (servo) (A1) (A2) (A3) + General servo error (A1) (A2) (A3)

    KSS numbers: KSS26158 + KSS26012

    Robot: KR10R1100 + KRC 4 cabinet controller (v8.3.39)

    Screen shot of the errors attached.

    Any ideas?


  • Hello ,

    I am facing the above mentioned Error on E1 axis,On swapping the KPP with heathy one, No more Error is there.

    Has anyone tried his/her hands on diagnosis on the KPP Itself.


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