Syst 015 and memo 073 program does not exist

  • Posted a thread on here the other day but no replies.

    R30ib robot

    I can run all my programs in local mode no issues.

    When i switch to remote and try running the rsr0001 program from our external hmi i get the message syst 015 rsr failed and memo 073 program does not exist.

    The set up is as follows (in rsr0001)

    Select r10=1
    Call program####

    Select r10=2
    Call program####

    All uops are correct and ethernet ip is all ok.

    Am i missing something.

    I have noticed the rsr0001 name appears under karel vars....could this be a conflict??

    Ive no experience with karel at all!

    Need help as the boss is onto me about this. PLEASE!!

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