E-Stop issues, big time

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    So I have acquired an ABB IRB-2000 with an S3 controller. :icon_smile:

    I have it all wired up and when I turn it on, I get a 509 Sync error and 2101 at the end of the display on the teach pendant. Now when I try to move the robot with the deadman switch, it immediately tells me "RESET EMERGENCY STOP!". All E-stops are "NOT" on, I made sure of that.

    Can anyone help? I'm thinking either I need to find a bad e-stop wire, or it's a system E-stop based on something I haven't done (controller commanded e-stop).

    Thanks in advance. PS I do have some operator manuals, and if anyone needs any information from me I will be glad to share.

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  • Depending on the vintage of S3 there MAY be two buttons for motor control. One is Motors On for automatic mode, if a System Input is not used, the other is Motors Off - which can be the E-Stop reset.

    For the 509 Sync Error; Counters (NOT SYNC OFFSETS!) will need updating. The pendant stokes vary based on ARLA (ASEA or ABB Robot Language) version. The keystrokes I recall - with my faulty memory - are MAN>SCAN>PARAM>RESOLVE>SYNCOFF>COUNTER or something close to that.

    S3s last version were in 1993, so good luck!

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