Fanuc Paint PlugIn

  • Hi!
    I've have a FANUC PaintMate 50iB/10L with R-30iB Mate Controller, but oddly it has isntalled HandlingTool software (insted of PaintTool) but does have an Paint Plug In option.
    The main question is about the values I use for atomization, fan and flow. All this values are stored in numeric registers for each different piece I paint.
    The thing is the values are only like:

    Model Flow Atom Fan
    001 4.3 14 12
    002 5 22 19

    I want to know the measuring units for each parameter, because If we want to change the spray pattern or amount of paint I'm going blind as where I'm headed by modyfing this values. I've written my FANUC representative in my country but still no answer.
    The main topic is also for standardization of the air units, because the gauges in the air line are in MPa, the treshold of the gun in it's manual is specified in Bar, and in the robot I don't even know what I'm measuring.

    I hope someone can help, thanks in advance!

  • Hello,
    From what I know, Paint flow is typically represented in cc/min. Fan and Atom Air in psi

    For other systems, Shape Air is represented in slpm. Does the system have AccuFlow? Is that even an option anymore?

    In this case, I am guessing the Flow values 4.3 and 5 represent the psi output of the i/p transducer to the paint regulator valve

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