Jog Frames

  • Does anyone use jog frames?

    They seem a little redundant when compared with jogging in the user frame. I have never used them or set one up, but I came across an existing robot cell and noticed that there was a comment near the top of the program that said "USE JOG FRAME 5 TO TOUCH UP". As far as I am aware a jog frame isn't tied at all to the UTOOL or UFRAME number, so why would this be necessary.

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  • A jog frame is like an auxiliar frame to move along.

    Its a very usseful feature. An example:
    If you have a 45degree base rotated robot, instead of defining a new frame you can edit the jogframe you want, put a 45° on the R and then you can move in diagonal without the need to edit the current frame. All points will be saved with the current utool and uframe (if you have the utool1 and frame1 selected, the points will be saved with that tool and frame) but you can still move along with the jogframe you want.

    The jogframe does not affect the points, only the utool and uframe.

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