KAREL INTP-311 (Uninitialized data) while using var_1 FROM prog: ARRAY

  • So I'm using 2D array of strings, and when I set the data in one .kl program, I want to access that data in another .kl program.
    I did the test, indexing of the array is ok, and FROM function is working ok, but when it needs to read the data from the array and set it in registers, I get INTP-311. Any ideas?

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  • Looks like you expect to pull out data from data file of karel program while this program is not running. Data may not be present in the variable. Can you try to get access to karel program with array and without initialization and writing data to get access to the same data in array and read it? If it will give you a fault, then it's nothing you can do with access from another program.

    Another idea, that array is not simple variable type and may not stored in data file. Check sub-options for the program that you able to same to FROM.

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