not getting weld end after interuption/resuming in sub program

  • We have a Fanuc arcmate 100ibe rj3ic, 3 robot cell with Lincoln Powerwave 455m welders and a PLC. And when interrupting the cycle on, Fixture A to reteach a weld or what not, most of the time when you resume the whole process in Auto, the robots get to the very last weld in the program and never stop welding. they just stay in one spot keep welding until the operator hits an e-stop. Anyone have any idea what could cause this? Also when done teaching a weld, i am in a sub program and if i try to resume the robot. It will just give a failed to run task-continuing from distant position and will not restart, i have to actually finish the sub program manually with teach pendant and get back into the main PNS for it to restart in Auto, any Ideas on what causes this?

    Thanks in Advance!!

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