Help, please - KUKA KRC2 (KSS 5.2.21)

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    Hi guys from Robot-Forum! I’m new here, this is my first post, and probably I’ll come here more often, considering you share quite a bit of knowledge in this area.
    I study Electrical Engineering and I am currently doing my final project to complete my degree. I’m a complete noob when it comes to KRL programming, I’ve never worked with robots before, including KUKA robots.
    Project equipment:
    I’m working with a KUKA KR 6 Arc, its controller is KRC2 and the software that comes with it is the KSS 5.2.21 version.
    My goal with this first post is to see if you guys could help me make an offset of a function I’ve made, once I’ve been trying it for days without success. I’ll try to explain the best way possible.
    I have a tic-tac-toe board where I have to make the Cross (X) function and the Ball (O) function. Once I’ve created both of these functions, now I want to make a copy, needing only to change the coordinates to the remaining positions, instead of making 9 “Cross” functions and 9 “Ball” functions for each house of the board.
    To point out that I have already calibrated my TOOL (pen on the tip of the robot), as well as the BASE (board where the tic-tac-toe game is going to be played).
    TOOL: x y z – 4—Point
    BASE: 3—Point
    NOTE: I don’t possess any kind of KUKA software and the free OrangeEdit software for editing my programming texts doesn’t seem to be working on my KSS 5.2.21 version, it only seems to work on KSS 5.5 version and above.
    As an attachment, I’ve included a picture of the board and the pen writing on one of the houses, and what I want is to perform a copy for the remaining houses without having to make 9 “Ball” and “Cross” functions.
    Thank you in advance for all of you that read my post and tried to help somehow. Thank you! :icon_mrgreen: :icon_smile:

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  • The coordinates are stored in the .dat file of your module.So copy the module and simply change X,Y values in the .dat file. You can also use OrangeEdit for this and do BASE Shift.

  • Assumed:
    - Your base is stored in base 1 AND the same coordinates in base 2
    -You have two subroutines cross(), ball() where the robot makes the sign in the lower right corner in base 2
    -the size of the boxes is 100mm x 100mm
    You can write something ilke this:

    Edit: You don't need any additional software, but Orange-Edit should work.

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