Srvo-004 Fence Open in Auto Mode

  • Hello All,
    Need help on the SRVO-004 alarm Fence open when Auto mode is enabled.
    I have Fanuc LR Mate with R30iB Mate Plus Controller. Connected the ferrogard fence switch to the TBOP20 and Have all the time Fence open when in auto mode.
    I have checked my UOP first Three UIs are always enabled, But not sure if anything else.



  • AD
  • yes, I did, its a 4 wire M12 cable with a 4 pin connector male and female. :wallbash: I tried same but newer switch and now I have SRVO-105 alarm, It wired the same way.


  • Make sure each channel is wired correctly. Use a voltmeter to identify each channel of the switch at the wires before tying into the TBOP connector. I’ve used switches before where the pin labels on the switch were different than what’s called out on the m12 connector.

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