Fanuc Collaborative Robot Error SRVO-496 SRVO-497

  • Hello;

    Today I bought Fanuc Collaborative CR-15 IA Robot with R-30iB Plus controller. My first Fanuc Collaborative experience and I stuck on 2 errors. I don't found any information about these error in Alarm List Manuel. It is not explained. I guess errors are related as force sensor but I don't found any configuration menü about this. I check DCS configuration and I enter payload data correctly.

    SRVO-496 Set initial Forces
    SRVO-497 İnitial Forces CRC Error

    - What is mean these errors?
    - How Can I fix it ?

  • I don't know what they mean but may tell you what can help you.

    Go to system variable and open $DCSS_CCSCB parameter. In that parameter you will find $FRCINI_CRC and $FORCE_INI variables. You need to manual enter the values from old backup. It apply only for the version till version revision 11.

  • Thank you motorobo;

    I solved this issue.

    It is a new robot. Hence we don't have any backup.

    Robot have unique calibration file for sensor. The sensor calibration parameter must be execute in Control Start mode. After then messages are gone . Thank you.

  • Hi Fluke,

    I am getting the same error SRVO-497 on our new CR-15 with R-30ib Plus controller.

    Could you please provide details of which variable you had to execute in the CTRL Start menus?


  • Hello;

    CR robots have unique force sensor calibration settings. It is shipped with compact disk. The file including some commands and parameter set. It should be execute in Control Start mode.

    1- Copy file to USB memory

    2- Press F1 and F5 key on boot screen and select Control Start

    3- Press File menu and find file

    4- Press shift + enter for execute the command file.

    5- Robot will be freeze a few minutes please just wait and do not push any button.

    6- You will be seen Execute command file successful message.

    Sometimes fanuc sent broken calibration file. ıf you had a problem contact fanuc for correct file.

  • Having a similar problem.

    SRVO-490 (500,500)

    I've looked for the file, but it doesn't appear to exist.

    Also, the parameter in variables, has a large negative number.

  • Hello Brad2296

    Fanuc send file in compact disc. It is not included in robot memory. just shipped with CD in controller panel. Sometimes Fanuc send defected file, I have a lot of defected file from Fanuc. Please call your local dealer and get support with serial number of robots.

    Please note: Sensor file is unique and you should not copy between robots. Cobot function may not work as expected.

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