Delmia Robot Process

  • Hi,

    I've been put to the task of creating a robot simulation and from never having any experience of catia/delmia i am gradually getting there figuring bits out by trial and error, youtube, forums and just lots of time on the software.

    I am trying now to pick up and place a part with a robot and tool changer end effector and at a point where i need to make my end effector a 'grabbing part' and the pick up item a 'grab-able part'. Having watched some walkthrough videos on youtube (in spanish) they make use of the action library which is a bar within Device Task Definition. The only issue is i don't seem to have this tool bar and i cannot figure out where its selected from. On the video it appears with 6 buttons, 3 of which are blue grippers and when they hover over it is named 'Pick Action'

    If anyone knows could help with pointing me in the right direction to this toolbar that would be amazing.


    delmia newb

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