How to real time control UR ROBOT without jerking

  • Hi guys, recently I am doing some project with UR ROBOT UR5. As i came into this youtube video

    What is the key function use to program the ur robot? I have tried movel , speedl but it doesnt really work .... Possible to bring the jogging function in the control panel to the code?


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  • You can use speedl() if all you want to do is go to a specific speed in a specific direction and maintain that speed until a stop command is issued. On the controller the speed they are using is pretty low. I have not attempted to do this yet but can try tomorrow as we need it on a project anyways.

    You can also use servoj() but you will need to serve that to the robot at the control frequency with updated points each cycle, you are literally telling the servos how far to go that control sequence. CB3 robots run at 125 Hz, E-Series run at 500 Hz so you would need to send updated points every 2 to 8 ms telling the robot how far to go in that slice of time. That is how you control the speed. You would also need to cover the acceleration and deceleration ramp motion. This one is a bit more involved, we use it in production programs and you are responsible for coordinating all the motion and feeding the data to the robot at the required rate.

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  • "It doesn't work" does not tell us anything about what you tried, and how it failed. You don't even say what you are trying to do -- are yo ujust trying to program the robot, or set up a gamepad controller as shown in the video? These details are important, for anyone to be able to offer you any meaningful help.

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