Jogging in Remote Mode

  • Hi guys. I have a pair of questions and I would like your feedback on it.
    Im working with R1, S1 and S2. Controller DX200.

    Im using a Siemens PLC to handle the HMI and the safety.

    The thing is, S1 and S2 are isolated from each other but accesible to the robot and the operator though interlocking doors.
    What I wish to do is while the robot is working with the station 1 (R1 + ST1), allow the operator to JOG ST2 within its limits and hopefully slow speed :) in order to locate a part and do some simple inspection. I dont want to use the TeachPendant but rather the HMI or some physical button connected to the PLC.

    How can I JOG in remote mode? I have seen it (read about it) in Play mode but im not sure if it also works with Remote mode. I was also thinking maybe just a ST2 JOB that moved the station X degrees, to be called with an input (Interrupt?). (would that stop the process occuring in the other station? (R1+ST1).

    Another thing. What things should I consider when operating the robot with a PLC? Which signals are the most important?
    I have the safety signas hardwired with safe inputs/outputs from the PLC and everithing else I'm reading though Profinet.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks! :beerchug:


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