JMP/LBL not in Fanuc PaintTool?

  • Complete newbie, starting from the bottom and learning how to use a P-50iB and R-30iB Mate running PaintTool for paint spraying. Doing quite well since I've not been on any Fanuc training so far, and have mamged to get it up and running for simple 2D operations. But got loads of questions that I'm trying to slowly find answers for.

    Having trouble locating JMP/LBL command. INST/F1 location shown on Youtube and in unofficial programming guide contains a different command and so far, everywhere I've looked, cant find it on any Pendant button menu. Is JMP/LBL not used, or not used in the same way, in PaintTool software?

    Does the answer to this tie into the FOR/ENDFOR command in some way (where I've seen it referenced in the Fanuc LR PaintTool setup and operations manual)?

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  • Could you send a picture of the menu that comes up when you press F1/INST on the EDIT screen?

    As a first guess, assuming that the option is there, just not visible, make sure you go to FNCT menu and set to Full Menus rather than Quick Menus, as i know that hides a lot of weird things.

  • heres Pic. I was expecting JMP/LBL to be in #5 slot as seen on videos and described in Jason Strybis excellent Fanuc guide. I've looked at FNCT menu as suggested and pretty sure that I'm already in Full Menus (because theres less function button words along the bottom of the screen when I change the setting to the alternative :icon_smile:).

  • Been there, done that, all with no luck. All of the INST menu options lead me nowhere near anything vaguely hinting of JMP and LBL. Theres something fundamental I'm missing here. Even the official fanuc PaintTool operators manual is very scetchy about the command inclusion. the manual is entitled 'blah blah blah (LR) PaintTool Setup and Operations Manual' but then keeps mentioning every other 'Tool' software version throughout the manual text. Likewise the.........
    Hold on! Flash news!
    Reading the Chapter 18. Program Elements line by line (yea... page 520 of a 1442 page manual :sleeping:) ive just noticed that certain program elements are not available when the program sub type (? dunno, I'll have to work that out in a minute) is PROCESS. They ('Branching (JMP/LBL, IF/SELECT, and CALL)') are only available in program sub type is JOB, NONE or MACRO... and I've only (and seeminly sucessfully) been using a default PROCESS so far. I've just created a new empty program of sub type JOB and there it is in INST!
    Sooooo... lets go and try playing with program sub type JOB and see what the difference is between JOB and PROC. Ill give some feedback here before I pull the plug on this thread, but thanks for your suggestions Robo, its been invaluable to have someone doublechecking my thoughtpath :dance2:

  • so far as I know it is only possible to use the "if then" comands only in jobs. Of course you can copy and paste to bring it in. Older versions of painttool very often hang up, if you do like this. Try to make all the controls in the job and in the process only the moving and painting.


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  • I can now certainly confirm now from experience that only JOBs contain the ability to use JMP/LBL, and the table I've found in the manual mirrors what you've just confirmed there Matthias about IF. PROCESS dont have access to them. With my 'gaping hole' newbie knowledge I havnt grasped the deep reasons for this but....hey!... if thats the rules then thats the rules and I'll work within them! Deep reading of the Fanuc manual says ‘Jobs should mostly contain CALL statements. They must not contain any motion statements.’ and also ‘Programs called from a job must have the sub type set to process. These processes should not call other programs.’ havnt had to work with CALL yet, but I'm going to have to be ready for this. With this new insight, Im just hoping that, when i eventually get to go on an official fanuc training course, its specifically for PaintTool users and not a generic training - I'll be watching for that and asking questions well in advance of attendance. Not all 'Tool' softwares are the same.
    Thanks for the feedback and advice guys

  • For example... we have job numbers that the HMI sends to the robot. Each Job sends the bot to the starting zone (process), then sprays the part (process), checks the elbow to make sure it's not twisted wrong (process), then returns from the starting zone (process), or untwists as needed (process) then home (process).

    Out of the 6 processes we use, 5 are reusable, and can be tweaked between robots as needed.

  • I do get that, but JOBs are equally reusable. We have the same setup, just with our subcalled programs also in JOBs instead of processes. A JOB seems to just be a PROCESS with extra special sauce. A PROCESS does not seem to have unique merit that would make me want to use one when a JOB can do all the same things, and more.

    Is there any impact on the ability to pass parameters/arguments?

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