IR Pick Tool Problem

  • HI all,

    I am having a problem that I just can't seem to wrap my head around.

    I am using PickTool and I am having a problem with the drop side of the cycle. In PickTool, you specify a user frame for the box you are dropping parts into. I have taught the user frame and I am using using UFRAME1 for the box.

    I will touch up the drop position for the box and then I add my layers on IRPickTool. Each layer represents one part. You can specify X,Y,Z,and R for each layer in the PickTool interface. Those layers are sent through VR OFFSET VR[2] to the drop position.

    I am only changing R from 0 to 180 degrees for every other part. I am leaving X,Y and Z all at 0. I am putting bags in a box and they are wedge shaped.

    My problem is that when I get to dropping the second bag in the box I notice my wrist R will get the offset to go to 180 degrees, but my X and Y position in PR [63] are flipping to negative instead of positive.

    This makes the position a couple feet away from the box. I do have an approach and depart point. My approach offset is working just fine as well.

    So why would a VR OFFSET cause my X and Y to flip to negative. It keeps the same coordinates just flips them negative.

    Sorry long read, but FANUC hasn't been a ton of help yet on thsi subject.


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