Writing current positions into PRs

  • Hey all, first post and very new to the robot world. I have a question that hopefully is a simple solution to the seasoned robot programmers. What I'm trying to do is only have the Z axis move to a point that I command, but not to move the X or Y. Is there a way to write the current X and Y position into the PR before the move command? For a little more reference the previous programmer, that's not longer with the company, wrote a routine to auto recover from a fault. When it does this depending on where the robot is, it hits the product and causes a downstream issue. If we were able to just move the Z on the first move while keeping the X and Y the same, this would eliminate our issue. I know that we obviously need to fix the faults, but that's a bit more complex fix and this would help us in the interim. Thanks in advance, Chris.

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