Can a Kuka KR200/1A work with CAD/CAM?

  • Here are some more photos.
    What cad-cam need to be done a work like this except a 7 axis robot (7 axis is the rotary table)?
    Can a standard kuka for example kr210 with krc2 do this job ?

    A KRC2 with KR210 and an added rotary 7th axis can probably do this. But you will still need a CAM toolchain that properly simulates robot motion, and outputs KRL code, or add the KUKA-CNC option package to the KRC2 (possibility depends on KSS version) to let the robot parse "vanilla" G-Code.
    Your final milling results will depend greatly on the robot calibration, 7th axis calibration, avoiding large wrist motions, and minimizing the milling forces as much as possible.

  • Does anyone know the minimum voltage/amps for the brake of these servomotors?

    Axis Motors: 1-2-3
    Brushless Servomotor
    1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S09
    No. E K550 0225 41 021
    3.77kW 9.50A 69-225-463

    Axis Motors: 4-5-6
    AC servomotor
    No.E 98F19060
    2.83kW 5.7A 69-225-464


  • [size=2]seriously? [/size] :sadsmiley:

    [size=2]you are standing by the robot, taking pictures and then you ask someone on the other side of the planet to guess robot model? [/size]
    [size=2]would your care to take a look at the[/size][size=small] robot name plate, or teach pendant?[/size]

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Don't think about fortec or not. For that application it will not be a big difference. The fortec version is the same as the normal one, but the wrist is sealed and it has a connection for sealing air at axis 4.
    You will have much more problems with the toolchain, forces, rigidness, vibrations, calibration and so on. You should focus on that tasks.

  • Hi all!

    I've been machining with robots like that for many years. Also in marble and granite.

    From my experience, best software in quality/price is SprutCAM by far, it creates KRL code directly, so ANY KUKA can execute the files.

    Size of the robot, mínimum KR240 ed05, less not recomended at all. I also worked with a KR500 MT (I believed that MT stands for Machinning Tool, but after the results... not sure anymore...)

    About the 7th axis... there are many overthere, that will be your smallest problem... I found some 7th including the rotary for around 10.000€ with all, internal and external cables, servo, drives...

    Good look with you quest! :fine: :fine: :fine:

    "¿Funciona? NO LO TOQUES!"

  • What i can add to the info already given:
    Yes, you can use KRC1 or KRC2 (better) controller and robot to do milling work with a robot.
    How accurate it will be all depends of the robot condition. SO it is good to check if the robot you have is with a good mechanic before you invest more in it.
    Have in mind that KRC1 robots are not supported by KUKA atm. And it is hard to find reliable spare parts etc.
    I am sure you can find a KRC1 controller somewhere in the net. Going for different controller - Siemens etc - i would not recommend as you will need the machine kinematic, suitable postprocessor and so on - that would add to the cost a lot.
    Sprutcam outputs durectly KRL (SRC files) code and you dont need to buy additional options like KUKA.CNC etc.
    But you will need a working KUKA controller for that :) you can find KRC1 a bit hard to communicate - no USB, just FDD and CD.

  • Granite is very hard i know(7Mohs).. but from your experience milling marble witch is softer(3Mohs) is possible with kr150 will smaller passes ?
    Or it is totally impossible with kr150 and needed at least kr240?
    Sprutcam output multiaxis g code? because i plan to replace kuka controller with controller that runs standar g code not krl..
    10k all the robot with 7th axis? or the rotary table only for 10k?

  • There are robots which are directly controlled by CNC and don'T require any interface or interpreter, even with secondary feedback systems to compensate the robot backlash:

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