what is best method for connecting inputs and outputs with kuka krc4 compact ?

  • Dear Sirs ,
    i have kuka krc4 compact controller with EL 1889 16 digital inputs and EL 2889 16 digital outputs
    which best method to connect these inputs / outputs
    1- connect 24 VDC & 0 VDC from external power supply which supply all sensors & PLC and X12 ( X55 pin 5 & pin 6 )
    in this method , KRC4 power supply is out
    2- connect 0 VDC from PLC power supply to 0 VDC of KRC4 power supply
    3- use solid state relays for KRC4 digital inputs and outputs ?
    which method is common used and more safety ?
    what about X41 power supply connection on robot arm KR agilus 6 axis ?

    thank you :)

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  • It... really depends on what you're trying to do, and what you have to interface to.

    The digital I/O option (those EL modules) are wired to the X12 connector on the cabinet front panel. They draw their power from the X55 connector, and whether than power is sourced externally or internally depends on how you wire X55.

    If you only want to connect "passive" devices to the robot (aka, devices who draw their power from the X12 connector, like 2-wire or 3-wire proximity switches), then you should use the robot's internal power on X55.

    OTOH, if you want to connect the X12 I/O to "active" devices, that have their own power supplies and sinking/sourcing I/O, then you may want to power X55 from the power supply of the external devices.

    This gets more electrically complex if you have multiple active devices with their own independent power supplies. Ideally, any 24V I/O signals should be able to "play nice" with each other as long as all their 0V reference lines are connected together, but it can depend on the precise electrical details of each signal -- sinking vs sourcing vs dry-contact. When in doubt, dry-contact is usually the safest option.

    As for X41, that's a completely different fish. It connects directly into it's own I/O board inside the KRC4 Compact, and does not interact with X12, X55, or the EL modules in any way. X41 is powered from inside the KRC4 regardless of how X55 is wired, and should only be used for "passive" I/O devices, likes valves, prox switches, and relays.

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