LCD screen with touch on KRC4

  • [hr]Hi all!
    It's possible connect a external display on KRC4 without keyboard/mouse and using the touchscreen of the LCD?
    When I connect the screen, the touch doesn't work...

    That screen have a DVI and HDMI connection.


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  • First, how does this touchscreen connect to the KRC? If the touchscreen uses ordinary mouse&keyboard USB drivers in Windows, it might work -- the KRC4 wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    If the touchscreen requires some special drivers, or special interface hardware, it probably won't work. You might be able to install the drivers on the KRC4, but there's always a chance those drivers might conflict with something critical. If you have to add special hardware to the computer (like a PCI card), the odds of success decrease sharply -- generally, adding un-approved hardware to the KRC4 motherboard doesn't work.

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