• Trying to background edit a particular program. Will not let me, however I can go to background edit and edit any other program. I get a notification saying TPIF-167 program already in background edit.

  • I believe this is a FANUC Robot error.

    You get this error if you select a program to background edit that you are already editing in another screen. There are 3 background editing environments. That's why when you select it at the top of the screen, it says "-BCKE3-" or "-BCKE2-" or "-BCKE3-".

    make the display have 3 windows and go to the select screen on each of them and exit whatever one you're stuck in.


  • tacheson is correct. Another way to investigate your issue if you're still having trouble:

    You may have success by going into the program you are trying to edit, press EDCMD, and look for END EDIT. If the program is currently being edited, the END EDIT option will be there. If you don't see END EDIT, there is something else wrong. Choose END EDIT if it's there. Next, a prompt will appear, asking you to choose whether to keep the changes or throw them out.

    Now you can go back into the program and attempt carry out the edits.

    Another thought.... Is write protect enabled for this program? I rarely use write protect and am unsure how it affects background edit.

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