MC70 singularity during palletising

  • Good day all

    Sitting with bit of a issue with singularity. Busy with an install using a MC70 doing timber palletising. The issue is during the process the robot has to move through singularity (utilizing Pallet shift). As you can imagine, a 6m piece of timber getting re positioned as j4 and j6 sort themselves out is not ideal. Is there a way to lock J4 and/or J6 so the MC70 acts more like a palletising robot? Or any other suggestions will be appreciated

    really don't feel like programming 7 timber sizes and 7 pallet patterns individually

  • AD
  • Or maybe you can use the following commands?

    LEFTY: Arm config. (left/front) (FN161)

    RIGHTY: Arm config. (right/back) (FN162)

    ABOVE: Elbow config. (above) (FN163)

    BELOW: Elbow config. (below) (FN164)

    FLIP: Wrist config.(flip) (FN165)

    NONFLIP: Wrist config. (nonflip) (FN166)

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