Registers values change

  • Hello everyone!! :help:

    At one of my applications, i have used robot with controller R30iB.
    My problem is that without any reason, the values of some registers can change randomly, while the robot is working.
    i check the program and i am sure that there are no commands which set the values of the registers.
    I also stopped the communication with the PLC.

    Have you ever faced such a problem??
    Do you have any idea??

    thank you in advance!!

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  • The following could be changing R values, in order of probability:

      • Foreground program in TP.

      • Background program in TP.

      • Macro TP program being fired by something (DI/DO/UI/UO, etc).

      • Separate Foreground program in TP running in parallel.

      • Background (or shell) program in Karel (if equipped).

      • Operator screwing around with the pendant.

      • Robot's internal PMC (if equipped). Kinda iffy on this on. Need to check if the PMC can actually do this.

      • Explicit messaging via Ethernet I/P (if equipped).

      • Modification from remote device via ethernet SNPX protocol (if equipped, Basic HMI option).

      • Someone modifying a value via the robot's comment webpage.

      • Someone modifying a value via the a custom built webpage present on the robot.

      • Someone using Fanuc's propriety protocol that robot server uses.

      • Loading of numreg.vr.

    I'm sure there are a few more methods, but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • the strange is that does not change always a specific registers. sometimes changes the value of register 30 for example and sometimes the 62 or 75. Not always the same. And i dont use at none of my programs indirect addressing to registers!!! :waffen100:

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