Cognex vs IR Vision

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  • In my experience, iRVision is best used for robot guidance like getting offsets for picking parts and some simple inspection processes. Cognex is better suited for more intricate inspection tasks. Cognex can be used for offsets, but iRVision is easier to implement for those cases. If you need 3D or area scanning capabilities, iRVision is what you need.

    iRVision tends to cost a bit more until you get to the higher level Cognex systems. At that point, costs may be pretty similar.

  • Much to what fastfingers said the Cognex inspection has a lot to be desired compared to iRvision. However, the iRvision has a lot of build in calibrations for large grids and tool calibration that is integrated with the controller. I find it much easier to pass vision offset information with it also compared to the doing manually.

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