Change value of register in HMI Panel

  • Hi,
    I want to create a HTML Panel to edit the value of a register directly on the TP. In my mind it should be something like a button with the actual value as the text. When you press the button a soft keyboard should appear where you can change the value. Is it possible?
    Are there some HTML examples for panels except for those created with panel setup?

    Which documentation do I need? I could not find something in the pdfs shipped with the robot. It is a new R-30iB Plus Controller.

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  • What you are looking to do can be done with the EditBox Control, one of the ActiveX controls available for use on the pendant. The documentation you need is the iPendant Customization Guide; spend some time reading it. Use Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007 software to edit the HTML file. The iPendant Customization Guide does a pretty good job of laying out what you need to do.

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