Kuka iiwa Connect with Reflex Takktile 2 Gripper

  • Hi! We are now attaching a Reflex Takktile 2 Gripper to Kuka iiwa 7 R800 LBR robot. The Reflex gripper is originally controlled in ROS. To make it easier for development, we made Kuka iiwa also ROS-controlled, according to a tutorial on Github (…iki/sunrise_project_setup).

    Now Kuka is successfully connected with ROS through KONI to our PC. However, we are not sure how to integrate Kuka and Reflex, i.e. how to connect to Kuka and Reflex Hand simultaneously with our PC? How to set the IP configuration? Now the ip address for Reflex Hand is, while the ip address for Kuka through the ROS package is set to How to coordinate them?

    If what we have done is not a good way to make them work together, please tell us what is the right thing to do. I would appreciate it!

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