Adding IRVision - Sony XC56

  • Can anyone let me know what a Sony XC56 requires to be installed on the R30iA controllers?

    I need to know options and any harware that may be needed from Fanuc. They seem to be running very high on price, but I think they may have messed up.

    Thank you!

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  • You need a single cable for a fixed mount camera. If the camera is robot mounted, one cable to go to the robot base and a second cable to go from J3 to end of arm. Is there a camera cable routed through the mechanical unit? I don't recall if R-30iA had them standard.

    After connections are handled, you need to pick vision options and pay for the PAC codes to enable the software.

    I would think the cost for all of this without new robot discounts will around $6-9K.....

  • Thanks for the info. You're spot on. I was just surprised when you add a second camera, it adds allot to the total cost because of the needed multiplexer.

    To add a Cognex camera, it costs me about $4000. I was expecting the IRVision to be much less, but I guess I was way off.


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