irb 6000 539 external rectifier fault

  • i have an irb6000 m93 robot which occasionally gives a 539 external rectifier fault.
    but this robot has no external rectifier!! only 6 axes. have changed all boards apart from the main computer board.
    i have even swapped the manipulator in case of base cable fault. anyone had any experience of this?

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  • Do you have a jumper from XT3-C16 (+24V) to XT3-C12 (External Power OK)? If the jumper is there, double check it to make sure the jumper is is stripped back far enough, XT3 has deep wire pockets and is famous for wires that are crimped on the insulation.
    Besides XT3-C16, other sources of +24V for the jumper are XT3-A15, -A16, -B15, -B16.

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