KRC2 fast measurements X11 connector in the RDC box diagram/pinout

  • Hello everyone :) and all the best for the New 2019 Year!
    I am trying to use the fast measurement inputs on a KRC2 robot so i can do a proper TCP calibration device.
    I asked KUKA for the X33 KRC2 kit but unfortunately they are not selling that anymore.
    So i am thinking to make the wiring myself but i cannot find the X11 (on the RDC board) pinout anywhere ;(

    Can somebody help?


  • I don't know the article number - i struggled to find any info about Fast measurements kit etc.
    The answer was that the "for KRC2 the fast measurement was discontinued, we are not able to offer it any more"
    So any info about this will be appreciated - i have X11 on my RDC - so i suppose it shouldn't be a problem to connect a sensor to it.

  • Hm... well, on the KRC2, the Fast Measurement inputs should be a small unoccupied 7-pin linear socket (Lumberg connector?) on the RDC card, on the opposite side from the 8 Resolver inputs.

    I'm not finding a pinout of that connector right now, but it's pretty simple -- there's a 24VDC source, a 0VDC common, and 5 fast-measurement inputs. The inputs are designed for taking simple "dry contact" style signals, IIRC, like a prox sensor or optical switch. The sensor draws its power (if it needs any) from the 24VDC and 0VDC lines, and closes a contact between the +24V line and the sensor input to provide the "contact" signal. Basically, the Fast Measurement input should be tied to the 0V line until the sensor trips, at which point it should be tied to the +24V line. A relay would do it, but would probably be a bit slow.

    Alternatively, you can source an external supply's 24VDC to the inputs, as long as the 0V line on the FM socket is tied to that supply's 0V line, and the FM socket's +24V is left unconnected.

    You could probably build your own breakout cable and reverse-engineer the pinout, by being very careful. The nice thing about FM on the KRC2 is that, aside from the X33 breakout, you don't need anything special.

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