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  • OK. first, you need to put new batteries on your encoder board. Once again, im not sure if you have a non HQ or HQ robot? Either way, there are batteries on the board on the base of the robot. You either have to buy a new battery pack from Kawasaki, or sodier new lithium battiers to the existing battery pack. Either way, you need new batteries or this problem will come back EVERYTIME you power down the controller.
    After you change the batteries, you need to determine if you have an HQ or non HQ robot AD controller to zero the robot. On the panel on top of the controller, you will see the AUX button. Press this, and then goto AUX 140, and AUX 41. IF 140 does not exist, then you have a non hq robot. either way, follow what i stated in previous post.
    Once you clear the encoder battery low errors, and zero the robot, you should be able to move the robot normally.

  • Check your axis limits. If you are past the limit, it will only move back towards the limit value, not farther away.

    Regards<br />Robert Miller<br />Fanuc P50, 145,155,200,ArcMate 100,120, Kawasaki FS30,MX500, old Kobelco/Kawasaki Painters

  • i try to do that but i dont have aux 114 opcion my controller is an AD but is from korea so i dont have the same issues, do i have to conect the gripper to an I/O port or just program the clamps how can i do this????

  • Hello. I'm new on this forum. My question is, when i have robot moved from another company to mine, what should I checked in controller , teach pendant, atc? Also how can I sett global or base point for my robot?

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