Srvo-365 DCS FB_CMP alarm(G1,A4)1,1

  • Hi everyone.

    I am having this alarm occasionally in a handling R-2000ib. It happens when it is in home position and he has to enter to make a pick. The robot stops and causes an emergency in all the line. In the DCS manual say:

    Diference between position command and position feedback exceeds position tolerance. The same cause as SRVO-023 Stop error Excess.

    Speaking with FANUC, they said that is a comunication problem. I´ve checked all the Profinet connections and seem OK.
    Another solution they offer is to change the axis motor 4 or change the Profinet card.

    But before I to do this I would like to know if someone has lived this situation.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • I don't think that the "SRVO-023" error is related to Profinet card. Deactivate or disconnect the Profinet card through the software. When you run a program that pushes the speed limits of your engine, you still have to take the same error.
    If there is an error when there is no Profinet card, it is necessary to look for a fault in another place such as servo amplifier or motor.

  • I got this problem during the joints 4, 5, 6 encoder cable damaged. Try to replace and double check on the servo amp fuses.

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