Calling Main program

  • Hi,
    Following is my program

    .PROGRAM main_module() #1003
    CALL reset
    CALL home
    CALL m_off
    CALL mac_1
    CALL mac_2

    Main_module is my Main program and reset, home,..., Mac_2 are my subprograms. so what happens now is, If operators do manual teaching in some other routines they forget to select the Main_module directory before the auto cycle. So robot starts to execute in the selected directory. Is there any options to call the main program before starting?? In other robots, I configure the dedicated signal to call the main program. If the operator turns to the auto mode I will reset and start from the main program. I believe Kawasaki has this option, but I don't know the option name. :help:

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  • A lot of programmers over complicate this process by using background tasks to constantly monitor the stages in the process and automate it via coding it in.

    The older generation of Kawasaki Users, used the simplest method with the 'pgxxx' naming convention for programs to use the RPS function.
    - This allows for reading in a bitmap of signals and then selecting the relevant program associated with the consecutive 'pgxxx' no.s.
    - Check the External I/O Manual for further details.

    If you do not wish to use the RPS function to the fullest, but be able to control your main routine in the way you describe, the simplest method is below:

    - Rename your main routine to pg0 (if not, you will receive 'Program does not exist' messages).
    - Goto dedicated inputs and allocate Ext Program Reset to an electrical input available on the IO board or by software signal to a button on the IF Panel.
    - This signal will reset the current selected program to step 1.
    - If RPS (system switch) is ON, instead this will re-prime pg0 to step 1 and not the current selected program.

    If RPS is ever turned OFF, then it will only reset the current selected program to step 1, so you need to make sure RPS is always ON.

    Things to consider:
    - A suitable way of making sure RPS is always ON (limit operator access to keyboard/functional change or insert command in PC Task).
    - A suitable way of supplying the Ext Program Reset Input.

    Hope this helps............

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