No more copyrighted Fanuc stuff allowed on the forum

  • Sorry to have to tell everyone this,
    Fanuc have directly requested that all copyright material be removed from this forum.

  • i believe that FANUC did not act well requesting this.
    if someone can find easy manuals and help from a brand of robot then he will buy a robot of this brand more easily.

    that is my opinion.

  • The newest manuals that I received from fanuc have to run off the CD and are built like web pages not PDF.
    They are very difficult to use (not searchable) and I was told buy fanuc the this was done to prevent unauthorized distribution

    Oh, well

  • I for one, have long found FANUC's policies with regard to documentation baffling.

    If one's goal was to slowly destroy FANUC Robotics (without being obvious), convincing them to restrict the distribution of documentation would be a big accomplishment.

    Almost every other industrial controls gadget has plentiful piles of PDFs only a Google search away.

    Legions of brand-loyal technicians and engineers familiar and comfortable with Fanuc products are essential for their future business.

    I'll stop now while my keyboard is still intact. :wallbash:

  • Please respect the COPYRIGHT of Fanuc :flower:

    We have disabled the Option to make Attachments for the Fanuc Forum now and we are on it to delete all Attachments with Copyright of Fanuc.
    In a few days is the Fanuc Forum here free of .pdf Files.

    I hope Fanuc is in near future more busy, so they dont need to search the Web for them .pdf´s :fine:

    All other Robotmanufactors respect our work here to help THEM Customers.
    And all other Robotmanufactors are supporting the Robotforum.

    I also think that Fanuc will not really have profit of this. :zwink:

  • I respect that Fanuc wishes to retain their copyright material as a lot of effort and salary goes into creating technical documents and keeping them up to date, and up to standards and for that I'm very appreciative.

    In many cases you may be able to buy the documentation, or receive it with your robot. If it means having to buy resources, then I would gladly do it to show these people the support. But for engineers/technicians the loss of being able to quickly search through documents for key-terms is huge.
    If you can easily get a .pdf manual from one company in two seconds online, and be able to search through it for needed info, it could save you hours .. which makes for happy people.

    From a competition standpoint, or loss of funds from purchasing technical documents, I think companies (not just fanuc) could stand to gain a lot more from having VERY accessible documentation.

    Fanuc is great about requests for models, but when manufacturers have datasheets, models, and documents online/available it makes using their products that much easier - not to mention reduces the amount of calls to tech support!

    electronic availability and access to data are they way forward - this seems like a step back, but I understand where they're coming from.

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  • All other Robotmanufactors respect our work here to help THEM Customers.
    And all other Robotmanufactors are supporting the Robotforum.

    Not hanging out in the Fanuc board, this post caught my eye. There's tons of confidential and proprietary information being posted on the Yaskawa Motoman forum board. Yaskawa is cool with this??

    The same information, if I divulge to a customer would get me fired. I had to sign a confidential agreement when I started 12 years ago. Just a thought.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • There's tons of confidential and proprietary information being posted on the Yaskawa Motoman forum board. Yaskawa is cool with this??


    in my opinion there are a lot of ways that you can find passwords and hints to try something with a robot. But when you make such a thing then it is on your own risk. these days with the economical crisis every company tries to earn money from sectors that previous they were for free (fe documentation). But that policy i believe that affects only the integrators and not the end users. :icon_frown:
    if someone is dissapointed with one robot company he can easily change to a different that he believes that will have better support. After all all robots do the same task but with different program syntax... Prices and support makes the difference

  • I can understand where Fanuc is coming from in a small way, But for how much they hose us on every aspect of their systems and components come on! give us a break!

  • I have worked with Fanuc's for sometime now, and enjoy them very much, in my opinion "maybe the best in North America" at least for my application. But Fanuc's choice on how they handle business is perplexing and disappointing to say the least!!!..... Fanuc! open your eyes!!! me/us/this forum and the people that populate it are the bread and butter so to speak of you business!.... you are rapidly losing support and love for you products!

  • It doesnt supprise me to read this about faunic systems, we have both faunic and motoman, I spent 12 years running motoman, and bout 5 years without robots, now we got motoman and faunic, my personal opion wouldnt trade 4 faunic systems for one motoman if I have to program them, they work all right when they are up and running, just pain in our ass to get em right, they also have a serious problem that fanuc is supposed to be working on, there shock sensing is terrible, will bend torches non stop if have collision. Motoman got em beat 10 to 1, just my opion.

  • We bought a used Fanuc robot at an auction because we are a small company just trying to survive in this crazy economy and have been told by Fanuc that we must buy a $10,000 license for their software. Has anyone else had to do this.
    There should be some kind of consumer protection against a manufacturer taking advantage of a small company just because their business is slow and they want to stop people from buying used robots. It would be like Henry Ford trying to stop people from buying used cars. Thinking HaHa now they have to buy our new cars.
    I think auction houses should have to warn people about this license fee from Fanuc.

  • Dear Fanuc:

    I'm still trying to understand this software license issue .. can someone from your company please explain to the robot forum audience just what your stance is. Recently I bought a used robot at an auction and I have a few questions.

    A. How am I doing something illegal if I use this robot.
    B. Did the company that owned this robot before me do something illegal for selling it.
    C. At what point did I become obligated to buy your license ... your so called license agreement was with the one who bought the robot from you ... how did it pass onto me and to all future people who might buy this same robot.
    D. If I do not choose to buy your license for $10,000 will you take action against me and if not will you support me if I need to buy a part or need help.
    E. What is the difference between the software that controls a robot and the software that controls other equipment or machines that are commonly sold on the used market.

    We all know Fanuc reads these posts ... and I think Fanuc needs to answer these basic questions and be up front with the robot industry.

    John Patterson
    MidWest Fabricators

  • Fanuc is losing business over this and their service. I had my robot service provider contact Fanuc for grease and batteries. They said that it would ship Friday evening for a Monday am delivery. 5 days (and many phone calls later) the items finally arrived. Hard to believe seeing I am not even 3 hours from their facility in Michigan! When we talked to them, they kept saying that they would have to check on it. We had planned on purchasing additional robots in the near future, but due to these and other issues, I doubt they will be Fanuc.

  • While not being the leading brand in the market, FANUC is trying to play hard games and worsen the already bad service.........hmmm....not logical......maybe we are missing a bigger picture here.

    Once, I asked for a 5-robot offer and they ignored me, while other brands were calling back every second day.

    Maybe, they want to focus to big customers (ie. car-industries) and leave the smaller ones to the integrators.

    Fairwell FANUC....

  • CRC was hacked into a few years ago and this changed everything related to document availability. FANUC isn't going anywhere and isn't losing business. There isn't another robot mfg that comes close to FANUC. Quit your complaining.

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