What are the criteria to evaluate a 3D bin picking application?

  • Hi all, I am in the process of adding a 3D bin picking cell to the facility and evaluating system integrators.

    What are some of the factors that need to be carefully considered when implementing this kind of applications? What are the technical criteria to evaluate the proposals from each system integrator?

    Thank you so much for the help!

  • Hi Stephen!

    Well, first off I'd ask how much experience they have with Bin picking!

    It's huge in automation right now. There are many third party companies that create the software to generate paths for robotic bin picking and they use many different sensors as well. I'm only familiar with FANUC, and they have their own integrated solution to bin picking. It's called the Area Sensor and i'm guessing others have something similar.

    How many different parts are you planning on programming?
    Do you want the integrator to do all the parts? If not, how easy is the programming to add new parts? Some third party solutions allow you add in a model of the part an dgripper and then configure the pick positions that way - it's pretty slick! Where others it's a more of a trial and error setup.
    If you're using magnets to pick the part, can the part have residual magnetism?
    Cycle time, of course, is on the top of the list.
    With 3D printing so readily available, i'd send some parts to the integrator and have them set up a bin picking application with those parts.

    Exciting stuff!



  • 1. How does the picking system avoid collisions between the EOAT and the bin wall, the EOAT and other parts, and between parts of the robot and other obstacles in the area?

    2. How many different part "poses" can the system locate and handle?

    3. How well can the system predict and avoid overlapping/interlocking parts?

    4. When the bin inevitably reaches a condition where there are parts left, but none of them are reachable, how does the system handle that?

    5. How quickly can the system scan a bin and determine Pick and Pre-Pick positions? For how many candidates?

  • I would like to add a few more:

    6. Does the system take the robot kinematics into account, in order to avoid joint limits and singularities?

    7. How much robot programming is involved? Does the system only return a pick pose, or does the software control the robot?

    8. How easy is it to calibrate the system?

    9. Does the system have diagnosis functions that can help locate the cause of problems that may occur?


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