• Werner Hampel,

    Thank You for listening to our feedback. So far this seems to work well. Like I mentioned earlier, if donations are accepted to help keep the forum running. I would be willing, and I feel like most current users would help.

  • AD
  • OK, you can now support the Forum by a Fullmembership if you want.
    After Purchasing the Forum is Ads Free and you help me to run the Forum.
    I think about more benefits, but for now you can support the forum by that Subscripion as a Fullmember.
    Or by watching the Adverts.
    Its your choice :blumen: :fine:

  • I don't really mind the ads and thought of them as a way of helping to pay for all that Werner is and has been providing.
    I had assumed Werner was subsidising this somehow but never thought it could be done without help from somewhere.
    I'm in awe of all he's done with this forum and the way it's run. I will be happy to click on ads now and then to help pay the bills and ease the financial burden. :top:

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