Deleted Fanuc PC File from ProgramName List

  • Hi folks.

    I have accidently deleted some PC files that were preloaded (programs in the “Select” list) onto my R30iB robot controller. I first noticed it since that it was an issue when I tried to do a Robot Generated Grid Calibration that it threw me a MEMO-073 (program does not exist error message). I assumed that it was because I deleted the IRVBKLSH.PC file and possibly other related files. I still see the .VR files listed in the program list from the deleted PC files.

    How do I add the Fanuc PC files back into the program list? Sadly I didn’t think about image backing up the robot before I did this when I first got it. I have found the PC files on the FANUC supplied USB and tried to simulate in ROBOGUIDE by deleting IRVBKLSH from the emulated controller and then copying the file on the USB to my workcell then loading it. It did not work even though I could do the same thing with my own personal PC files.

    I have found this post below, but there was no final solution suggested. I was thinking about doing a file backup on robot A then getting an image of another robot B that has the Fanuc PC files and image restoring it to problem robot A. After I image restore it I would file restore A back to what it originally has (to salvage the work that has already been done). Would this work?…ge-file-management-drive/

    Would an "All software installation(USB)" restore the PC files and start from scratch as if the robot came from the factory?

    Thanks guys I appreciate you guys for reading this post.

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  • Well these programs are initially never shown in the drives hence preloaded programs in the Select Program List. In the Emulator when I try to load it nothing happens and it doesn't appear in my program list. When I try my personal written PC files it loads just fine into the program list.

  • I have had that issue before and had to reinstall the software to get them back (no image backup available). Definately do the backup first.

    I think the reason why you can't just reload the preloaded .PC file is because either you don't have karel, or because they are proprietary and protected somehow.

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  • Yeah I think that the PC files are some protected files from Fanuc. Whenever my shutdown happens I will try to do the software reinstall and see if the brings back the programs. I have asked Fanuc tech support for help and they suggest copying the files from another robot or trying a software reinstall. I cant do the former since there are no PC files to copy/back up from :icon_confused:. Once I test the software reinstall I will post my findings.


  • Update.

    The preloaded PC files on our R30iB Fanuc controller I have deleted can actually be loaded! I haven't tested them yet though till my shutdown. I have the PC files from the Fanuc provided USB and loaded the files fine on the controller (although this didn't work in Roboguide). This spares me from doing a "All software install".

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