Rj2 issue teach pendant boots up To ready screen and froze

  • Hi guys,

    So when we boot up even cold boot. The teach pendant goes as far as pendant ready but stop there. I ve try pressing previous and next while booting nothing. Still goes to pendant ready and stop there.

    My guest is I ll have to reinstall the software.

    Does anyone have the procedure.

    What software do I use to connect with the rs232.

    Ftp (filezilla) ? Or a special software ?

    Can I get the backup from the BMOS ?

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  • so after reading many post,

    i believe i have to do a re-install of the software.

    Anyone can point me to a procedure. do I need KFloppe if i have a RS232 port ? Can i use Putty instead ?

  • hi guys,

    thanks for the reply,

    @Was this robot previously running? - yes it was.

    @When I had the same problem it was due to a faulty teach pendant cable. Do you have a spare cable to tryout ? don't believe it is that cable it was working 5 mins before the other guy touch it.

    @ faulty Teach Pendant and/or cable - don't believe it's the cable or pendant.

    ok i should give some context.

    So while i was looking at another machine. The other guy start playing with it (by other guy i mean my brother that doesn't know anything about the machine).
    He did a memory dump on the teach pendant. then he freakout cause the machine wasn't correctly booting up anymore and the pendant was going into memory dump.

    So he then took out the main board and hope that by unplugin and replugin the SRAM memory stick it would return to normal. Which obviously i did NOT work.

    So here i am now sitting with this issue on hand.

    the machine doesn't seem to have any floppy disk where i could insert a KFloppy disk. so i though i could go with the RS232 port

  • First, don't let your brother touch any more robots.

    Kfloppy isn't a floppy disk. It is a computer program that emulates a floppy drive thru an rs232 port. You still need the original load software, then you would use kfloppy to send the software from your PC to the robot over the rs232 cable.

    You have an old robot so you need an old laptop with the rs232 port to talk to it.

    You can buy all the needed software from Fanuc. But something tells me you won't like the price.

    Do you have the original software?

  • Hi thanks for the reply,

    I must have some old PC somewhere with windows xp and a port rs232.

    No I don't have the program. But I thought erasing the software would be harder.
    Would it be store in Bmos or cmos (like the bios for pc) ?

    I thought I could just do a reinstall. Like reinstall original image.

    I don't have kfloppe either I thought I could use Putty to communicate via rs232

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  • To load software you will need a serial cable, Kfloppy software on an older laptop and the software package for the robot.
    Before I did that though, I would look for past post here for doing a "controlled start" then maybe an Init start as a last resort.
    If that doesn't work you will need to reload the robot software. The controller does not store a "copy" that you can reload with.
    As was already posted. To purchase the software from Fanuc will be very expensive!

  • Hi oakleyas,

    in order to do a controlled start or or a Init start. however when i press previous and next and power up the machine it doesn't load the BMOS.

    or am i doing something wrong. the operator module is put in automatic - press and hold previous and next button on the teach pendant and then power ON.
    should load the BMOS right ? from there i should be able to choose on the teach pendant what script to load controlled start or Init start right ?

    thanks for you advice and help guys by the way, much appreciated.

  • You need to restore the controller.

    Do you have a memory card (PCMIA Card) or Floppy Disk?
    Turn off controller
    1. Press and hold PREV and NEXT key then press ON button on controller
    After the BMON (Boot Monitor) is displayed, you can let go of prev and next keys.

    2. Insert Memory Card

    3. Press NEXT, >, unit F2 INSTALL is displayed

    4. Press F2 Install and press ENTER

    5. Press NEXT,>, unit F5 RESTORE is displayed

    6. Press F5 RESTORE and press ENTER
    you should be asked to run restore.cf

    7. IF you want to continue press 1 and then ENTER (if not, press 0 and ENTER)
    Each memory card will take several minutes so just wait patiently :pfeif:

    8. Once complete, turn off Controller when prompted, then turn it back on to initiate Controlled Start mode.

  • Hi Brewton,

    the robot didn't come with Kfloppy.

    I have a RSR232 port and also PCMIA socket (but don't have the card).

    I've try looking around to download the software but didn't find it anywhere.

  • No sir, the robot doesn't store a copy. If you cant Boot up the controller to your BMON then you have other issues too. You need to be at BMON before you can look, diagnose or install software. Make sure you press the Prev & Next keys and hold them down before pressing the power button. Hold them down till your BMON prompt comes up. I would check as they asked you to do before, if possible, check the teach pendant and cable. That your batteries to the controller are good. Then what was your co-worker doing when it stopped working. Was he using the teach pendant, in the controller it self. Power down the robot? Make sure all your connections are secure, Boards fully seated.

  • I seem to recall but maybe not! Try using the F1 and F5 buttons. Think I had some older robots that did that also recall pressing the User 1 and User 2 buttons on the controller.

  • You can often purchase a used CPU with pre-loaded software from eBay or similar sites. I've had to do this multiple times when purchasing used robots that did not include software backups. Ensure that it is listed as "Tested" and you can see the backup battery connected on the CPU. I will do this after exhausting all other options, and it has worked more times than not.

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